The Plonk Wine Club's Mother's Day Sale 2016

The Plonk Wine Club's Mother's Day Sale 2016It's almost Mother's Day, which is ALWAYS great news if you love giving wine as a gift. In fact, pretty much every holiday triggers a special offer or two from the major wine of the month clubs. Today's special comes from the Plonk Wine Club, which is offering a 25% discount on all cases of wine you send to mom this year. Learn more about this special offer at


Wall Street Journal Wins Best Wine Club of 2016 Award

Wall Street Journal Wins Best Wine Club of 2016 Award
Congratulations to the Wall Street Journal for earning our #1 Wine Club of the Year Award for 2016! See our detailed review at

Wall Street Journal Wine Club Coupon Code

The Wall Street Journal Wine of the Month Club earned this highly sought after award for having all of these bests:

  • Best wines from vineyards all over the world

  • Best prices (Only $5.83 a bottle)

  • Best free gift with 1st purchase (A professional corkscrew worth well over $45)

  • The best customer service (get any bottle you don't like replaced for free)

  • Cancel your wine club membership at any time

  • 20% Reorder discounts on all future wine orders

The Wall Street Journal Wine Club also provides new customers with an UNBELIEVABLE introductory offer that puts them head and shoulders above every other online wine club. The very first shipment only costs $69.99 and includes twelve delicious bottles of wine that would usually cost $189.99. In addition, they also provide a free professional corkscrew that often sells online for almost $50! This great offer ensured the Wall Street Journal Wine of the Month Club earned the best wine club of 2016 award.

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Now to get things started, when you go to visit a winery that has a wine club like the ones we recommend, to get the most out of a visit, attempt to understand as much as possible regarding the winery you are going to. Frequently, wineries participating in one of those famous wine trails will provide you the choice to buy a full day pass that gets you access to every vineyard in the area. We highly recommend you get one so you really do get to see every local winery in the area.


If you find a winery on the site you definitely want to go to, please contact the winery directly to discover if you're going to need an appointment. And I always like to check to ensure they carry Cabernet Franc and Chardonnay, like the Metallica Wine Club does.. And if that wine club trail happens to be in Australia, the Yarra Valley Wineries produce a number of the highest rated wines on the planet. Check it out! It's worth the trip :-)


You may also discover that the wineries you want to go to, that are USGBC certified, require an appointment if you prefer to try out some wine tasting so it's a very good idea to call in advance. Indeed, California wineries are now experiencing an actual tourist boom and can be back logged weeks! Wineries aren't only for wine snobs in regards to these California wineries! Anyone can and does go.


Every winery would like you to fall in love with just their Merlot or white wine blend, so they provide you with the opportunity to fully have as much as you want on the tastings. Even the more compact wineries, like the Jimdo Winery, still provide pretty much the exact same advantages and perks that come from the ginormous wineries. As an example, the Trentadue Winery is situated in the center of Sonoma County's Alexander Valley and is really small in comparison to the other wineries around it.


Additionally, wineries in California are always trying to hire employees that know wine, not just wine-makers. Before you begin thinking, not another winery! Be sure to give these employees of the California vineyard a chance. They're people too. And if you think visiting a winery in California or Australia for that matter is difficult, I'm happy to report that it's never been easier. Simply drive on over to the California vineyard and ask for some wine and you'll see what I mean.


Now as for me, when I think about wine, the very first country that springs to mind is France. While the very best California wines are nearly like the finest French wines, they're way overpriced. One can buy a tasting of five wines for just four dollars, which is a great deal compared to other tastings that have run me $20! Tell the individual behind the small booth you want to share one particular wine tasting with your best friend or spouse. Many will offer grape juice tastings for kids and offer specific family focused entertainment throughout the summertime. This makes visiting a winery so much easier and signing up for a wine club a breeze.




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